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January 3, 2024 / Blog

Improving Early Childhood Education Outcomes with Frog Street and Cognitive ToyBox

At Frog Street, we understand the pivotal role of intertwining curriculum and assessment in driving success for both educators and young learners. To accomplish that, we’ve partnered with Cognitive ToyBox to turn assessment data into actionable insights that pave a path toward success for every child. Together, we’re not just empowering educators but shaping the future of early childhood education.

The Challenges of Assessment

Educators face time-consuming assessment hurdles, often spending hours per week observing children, taking notes on their development, and then transcribing the data into their assessment system after class. This practice is time-consuming and can lead to data that is subjective and not actionable. Clunky interfaces or outdated reporting methods also add frustration and unnecessary obstacles.

Why Cognitive ToyBox

Cognitive ToyBox is a game-changer, offering a comprehensive solution that alleviates common assessment challenges, enabling educators to make informed decisions that are tailored for each child’s needs.

Save Time with Streamlined Assessment: Their innovative platform provides both observational and game-based assessments that provide real-time insights into each child’s milestones and growth, streamlining the process. Educators save hours each week that can be poured back into teaching and planning time.

Accurate Results for Personalized Learning: The combination of observational and direct game-based assessments leads to more accurate and actionable data. This enables educators to personalize instruction based on each child’s progress.

Easy to Use & Fun: Cognitive ToyBox’s user-friendly platform takes the stress out of assessment for educators and young learners. The game-based assessments are fun and easy for young learners to complete, and educators are able to complete their observations more efficiently and quickly with the easy-to-use interface and report dashboards.

Share Data Quickly & Easily: Progress reports are automatically generated and ready for sharing with administrators, teachers, and families.

Frog Street Friendly: Cognitive ToyBox is fully integrated withFrog Street’s curriculum, methodologies, and philosophy.

Frog Street’s commitment to providing high-quality early education solutions ensures that educators have the necessary tools to deliver impactful lessons that spark a love for learning. Integrating Cognitive ToyBox’s data-driven insights with Frog Street’s exceptional curriculum, educators will experience an enriched classroom experience while also simplifying their day-to-day tasks.

Together, Frog Street and Cognitive ToyBox are the go-to solution for educators wanting an efficient, time-saving, and equitable approach to instruction and assessment.

Unlock the joy of learning with Frog Street and Cognitive ToyBox today!